Google’s Modular SmartPhone Is Going to Look Awesome!

When you take a look at the next line of smart phone that Google is <a href=””>experimenting with</a>, you can already see how this one might end up being pretty fun in general. The key is with technology that if you aren’t moving forward, then you will soon get lost in the dust. And, if you start to think about the new ideas, apps, and technologies that Google has been producing in recent years, it almost seems like a perfect match for Google to come out with something so inspiring and creative, yet somehow so normal for them.

The news of this new development has continued to help <a href=””>Google’s stock price</a>, and while the entire market has seemed down in general over the last few months any good news is great news for the shareholders. Google (and Alphabet, Inc.), may not be the ones who will turn the economy around by themselves, but when it comes to the company’s ability to innovate and continue to grow, it only makes sense to see that the eyes of the world continue to be on Google. And, to put it bluntly, when Google innovates and grows then the rest of the world is just as excited and optimistic as the children who open gifts on Christmas morning.

Stay tuned for more news about Google as well as news about the new modular phone that they are currently creating.