Google Home Premieres At Google I/O

We all have come to love everything about Google. We love Google search, we love being able to log onto our phones and tell google what to do. Google has honestly become a part of our daily lives to the point that we often tell people to Google us when they don’t believe we have accomplished all the things we said we have. Or maybe that’s just me. In any case Google continues to take over the world and rather you like it or not I am a firm believer that google is here and here to stay.

This week Google hosted Google I/O which is their annual developer conference. This conference much to the anticipation of many announced once of Google’s most recent new inventions: Google Home. Google home is being compared to Amazon Echo. It is a tool that can run in the back ground of your home. All those random questions you often ask Google’s search engine you can now simply ask via home. It’s an answered prayer for those who hate having to log onto a computer or grab your cell phone just to do a google search.