Goettl Provides Tips For Keeping Pets Safe In The Heat

While most people are aware that heat can be dangerous for human beings, they are not aware that heat can also be dangerous for pets as well. Keeping pets cool helps protect a beloved pet from the heat and keeps them healthy. Those at Goettl Air Conditioning are happy to provide their customers with tips that can help them keep their animals safe even when the temperatures outside begin to climb. With such tips, is easy to keep any cat, dog, bird or other household pet cool and safe no matter how hot it might be during the day.

Some tips for your animals from Goettl:

Believe it or not, animals with light colored skin can actually get sunburned. Those at Goettl remind their owners to keep them safe with sunscreen. If you take your pet outside, be aware that pavements can be very hot. Consider keeping any dog walks to early or late in the day when the pavement is generally much cooler. They also recommend making sure that any animal has access to water all during the day. pets can easily get dehydrated on hot days. If an animal really wants to get out, they recommend purchasing a doggy pool just tor their needs where dogs can get cooled off. Just make sure that the water in the pool isn’t too hot either. All grounds should also be carefully examined. Garages can be very dangerous for animals as well. A car can leak fluid on the floor. Such fluid, such as antifreeze, can be very tempting to a pet and ultimately cause them serious injury should they ingest it.

Goettl Cares

Those at Goettl Air Conditioning really care about their clients. They know how hard it is to keep cool during the summer. This is why they make the effort to make sure that all of their clients always have access to cool air, allowing them to avoid the kinds of problems that may result from prolonged exposure to heat. Founded in 1939, Goettlhas been at forefront of technology for many decades. Today, Goettl’s owners aim to offer superior services to all those in the entire Las Vegas valley. Each day, the staffers here come to work hoping to offer the kind of help that people need to be able to help clients in the entire area. Customers know they can count on the company for help staying completely cool.