Goettl Makes Big Moves in the HVAC Industry

Recently, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air have merged with Goettl Air Conditioning. As a result, Goettll has gained more than 20 new team members and a significant advantage in the air conditioning industry.

In addition to the acquisition of these two companies, Goettl has also gained many other corporations in the Las Vegas area. Goettl also has plans to expand in the southwest region of Nevada with its current expansion, and will be taking over the residential clients for Las Vegas Air and rental homes for Paradise Air.

Las Vegas Air employees have expressed that they are excited to merge with Goettl. Stephen Gamst, who had a long history with Ken Goodrich for a number of years says that he trusts Goettl and believes that the merger will benefit employees as well as the local economy.

This new team of air conditioning business will also make it possible to offer a variety of skills and services to clients. The merger will also assist team members in learning new services and skills. Prior to the merger, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air were only providing HVAC services. Now, the companies will be able to add plumbing to their list of services. Goettl also benefits, since the new business move will allow them to provide services in the commercial sector. Previously, Goettl acquired The Sunny Plumber and Desert Valley Mechanical.

The Goettl brothers started their lucrative business in Mansfield Ohio in 1926. Years later, the company moved to Phoenix to seek ways to grow the company during the Great Depression. Goettl has now become an international company and the corporation held over 100 patents at one time.

High Desert Mechanical, a company under the Goettl umbrella, has also experienced success. The company was founded in 1987 and services businesses and homes in northern and central Arizona. This is yet another example of how lucrative Goettl has been over the last two years, and the company continues to grow.