Goettl Air Conditioning: A Proud Company

There was once a time when people did not enjoy working for Goettl Air Conditioning. The company had bad morale. It was just a job to many people. That shows in the quality of the work. When there are a group of people that don’t care, it tends to spread like a cancer. Everyone starts to believe it, buy into it, and stop caring. That is death to a company and one of the worst things that can happen to a company. It puts them in a very difficult position and it makes the customers not want to work with them. If the people working at the company don’t care, why should the customers?


That was one of the first things that Ken Goodrich focused on when he bought the company in 2013. He wanted people that were proud to wear the uniform and were really excited about working for the company. They knew what it meant to be part of Goettl Air Conditioning and what it entailed. It was an honor and it was a job that required them to be proud, happy, and excited to go to work every day and do their repairs, maintenance, and installations. Now, they can finally say they are proud to be an employee of Goettl Air Conditioning and get a paycheck from them.


It is an honor and they have gone on record in saying they are proud to be part of the company. That speaks volumes and shows what a quick turnaround the company has had in the past four years. It was not an easy job, but everyone did their part from the leader Ken Goodrich to every single person that was part of Goettl Air Conditioning. Now, they are at a job they love doing what they love, which is the ideal situation.