Goettl Air Conditioning: Doing Right By The People

When it comes to doing the right thing for people, it is not something that people do when they feel like it or the time calls for it. It is something that needs to be done on a consistent basis. Consistency is something people look for, need, and admire in people. If there is someone out there that does that day in and day out, it is Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning. Ever since he took over the company, they have been doing things for the community and been a big part of it. He has never shied away from it and he has embraced it.

He truly takes the time to put in the effort and do things the right way for people. It is not something he takes lightly, as he knows people depend on it and people need it. Sometimes it takes someone like Ken Goodrich out there to inspire other people to do things for other people. When it comes to veterans, they have done a whole lot for the country and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. As they always say, freedom is not free, and it is something that is vital in the lives of every single American.

That is why Ken Goodrich went out of his way to help a veteran that was on his way to graduate with $1,000 dollars in tools. This will give him the start he needs to have his next career and his next chapter in his life. It is well documented that a lot of veterans suffer when they come home from work and they find themselves having a hard time figuring out what to do next and how to adjust to a normal lifestyle. By having them in the workplace, they can enjoy life in a whole new way.

Ken Goodrich has even gone on record in saying that veterans make great workers. They know what it takes to succeed and they have a tremendous work ethic. Sometimes they just need a little time to figure out their next move and where they are going to go next. Once they figure it out, they are going to give it the same commitment that they gave to being a veteran. They know what it takes to get the job done and how to do it the right way. They have had the best training possible.


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