Global Reach with a Local Touch Offered by OSI

OSI has a clear goal as a company: customers’ success. Some of the world’s leading brands rely heavily on the global food provider to deliver food solutions that are cutting edge and serving the need through product development and processing. What sets OSI apart from other food providers?

OSI has solutions that deliver the quality food products but with a reach that is global. OSI Group has worldwide partners that help the company’s success and also to maintain the competitive advantage in the food provider industry. OSI’s international network of partners is vast and helps the company leverage its global supply chain that allows them to have better financial flexibility and cost savings.

OSI has been around for more than 60 years and the global leader is well known for supplying value-added protein items amongst a variety of other high service food and retails brands. There are more than 60 facilities located throughout 16 countries.

OSI is headquartered in beautiful Aurora, Illinois. Whether your company is selling food products in the U.S. or another country, OSI can help you get out there because OSI partners are deep rooted in their respective communities. OSI can help you get customized solutions to actually work.

OSI is a large company. Its manufacturing facilities, although located worldwide, are operated like OSI is a small company. How it works is OSI is a privately owned company but you, as a client, will know exactly who you are working with and you will learn to trust that person because of assured satisfaction.

OSI is dedicated to your success. In fact, it is the heartbeat of the company and OSI employees are known to be passionate about customer satisfaction.

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So what do customers say about OSI? Customers have described OSI is a global company that is “results oriented” and that also has motivated and very talented people, who operate on a ‘can-do” attitude. OSI hires people who have a passion for others businesses, meaning OSI employees are empowered to act entrepreneurial, while encouraging improvement and innovation.

Who wants their products better developed, produced and distributed? If that is you or your company, you should check into OSI. They have the commitment and passion to turn dreams into reality. Are you having trouble finding the right market to service your food products? OSI can help you with that too.


Using “tenacious persistence” and “delivering on promises,” OSI believes that customer partnership, as well as having deep relationships with suppliers and employees sets the company apart. By partnering with OSI, you are not just entering a business deal. More than that, doing business with OSI is an exchange of resources that will help you reach your goal – a common goal between you and OSI.

By combining your company brand with marketing, OSI maintains a close customer-supplier relationships. Do you need to help your food product business grow? Maybe you should give OSI a try!