George Soros Joins The Democratic Bandwagon

The legendary billionaire investor, George Soros, has dipped his feet into the political arena once again and is now supporting the democratic party as he did before in 2004 when he donated $27 million to the democrats in hopes of defeating George Bush.

This time, Soros has spent over $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and her dream of becoming the first female president of the United States. Soros is not stopping with this hefty donation, however. Many of his close associates and colleagues claim that he is trying to muster up even more money for the Democratic party through high-risk currency trades.

Despite his past affiliation with Clinton and the Democratic party, George Soros has never attended any of their conventions or debates. He had planned to attend one this time around but due to his recent return to active trading, Soros decided to stay tuned to the current economic situation in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

It is not absolutely clear whether Soros’ recent political involvement is due mostly in part to his fear of Donald Trump being elected or his affiliation with Hillary Clinton on, which has spanned over 25 years, yet Soros has been adamant about his feelings for Donald Trump, claiming that the Republican is aiding ISIS by invoking fear into the masses.

While Soros has continuously supported the Democratic party throughout the years, he usually seems to become actively involved when the stakes are high. This year it looks like they are high enough to put his money where his allegiance lies since he would rather see Hillary in office rather than Trump.

This year Soros’ political affiliation does not appear to be influenced so much by the actual candidates, rather more so by the causes they support and the freedoms they stand for, such as religious tolerance, immigration reform, and criminal justice regulations.

Whatever the reasons for Soros’ Democratic donations may be, it is invariably seen as a good sign by the Democratic party as it could influence other wealthy activists who wish to see Trump remain out of office in giving financial support to Clinton and the Democratic party.

While other rich political activists have indeed already followed Soros’ lead, he himself has contributed enough to the Democratic party to boost Hillary’s campaign efforts. As stated earlier, Soros is not finished donating yet. He recently committed $5 million to a PAC dedicated to helping Hispanic voters, as well as another $5 million to a non-profit organization designed to stop conservative efforts in restricting voting rights.

Only time will tell if Soros contribution will be enough to get Hillary and the Democratic party into the White House.