George Soros Is The Man That Broke The bank of England Not The Man That Wants To Undermine Democracy

The life of George Soros will be a full-length motion picture someday. Soros started his life under Nazi rule in Hungary. He managed to escape from the Nazi occupation, and he settled in London England where he waited tables to pay his rent and eat. George was accepted to the London School of Economics, and he earned a degree in philosophy. Soros moved to the United States in the 1950s, and he found a job on Wall Street. Fast forward 20 years and George decides to use the millions of dollars he earned from successful investing, to bet that the pound sterling will have to be devalued because of the creation of the euro on Soros wins that bet, and he is crowned the “man that broke the Bank of England,” when he collected more than $8 billion from the Central Bank.

But Soros didn’t stop investing after that big score. He decided to continue his successful investment strategy, and over the next 20 years, he earns another $20 billion. Instead of living the life of luxury, Soros decided to start a foundation that helped spread democracy around the world. His Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, has helped people all over the globe experience a taste of freedom and democracy even when they are faced with governments that try to suppress their God-given rights.

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So when a story about Soros telling a German newspaper that he was going to bring down the United States by supporting black hate groups circulated around the Internet, the people that know George and his work ignored the rumor. decided to jump in and find out what Soros did say to the German newspaper in 2014 on NY Books. The investigators discovered no evidence that Soros spoke with a German newspaper in 2014, and there was no evidence that the documentation that went along with the allegation was credible either. The story was another attempt to discredit the work of one of the biggest philanthropist on the planet.

George Soros does agree to talk about issues that other people can’t talk about because of his incredible wealth, but one thing Soros never bashes is freedom and democracy. He talks about the repercussions that follow the Brexit issues, and he talks about a global recession as well as the economic health of China. Soros spends millions of dollars supporting Democratic candidates in the U.S. and in other countries, so he is for building unity not bring down anything.