George Lucas to Build Museum in LA

George Lucas, the man responsible for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, will now be the driving force behind a new museum set to be built in Los Angeles. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is projected to bring in thousands of tourists, and millions of Angelinos will soon have a very cool place to explore in their own backyard.


The intended spot was originally San Francisco, but many local residents were opposed to the construction of such a massive museum in the historic Presidio Park. Lucas’s wife, Melody Hobson, is from Chicago, and the couple also considered the Windy City. They faced legal challenges there from those concerned about how the museum would affect the neighborhood.


People in Southern California were quite pleased to hear that the museum was going to be built in LA. The announcement was made on Tuesday, January 10. The site of the museum is in Exposition Park, and the expected date of opening is 2021.


The famous director is planning on donating his personal collection of artwork to the museum. He’s also the main source of funds. He will provide about $1 billion to make sure he can achieve all of his goals with this project.


The museum will consist of approximately 275,000 square feet of space. Lucas and his wife have accumulated about 10,000 painting and illustrations. These include works by well-known names such as Normal Rockwell. Of course, Lucas also has a vast collection of film memorabilia like items used in Star Wars and The Ten Commandments. He plans on putting these on display, and movie buffs will certainly be drawn to the museum to get a glimpse of these pieces.