FreedomPop Offers Free Service to U.K. Subscribers

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of marketing, L.A. based telecom company FreedomPop shows up on the scene. As reported by the Daily Mail, FreedomPop is moving into U.K. markets in order to offer their flagship program for no cost. Subscribers who sign up for the program will get access to the core FreedomPop plan for absolutely no cost and they’ll have the ability to earn more data, minutes, and texts by simply filling out third party surveys. FreedomPop has been steadily growing for the past five years or so, and now they look to explode into the global marketplace.

FreedomPop is run by CEO Stephen Stokols and it has been his steady hand at the wheel that has kept the company green going forward. At one point FreedomPop was rumored to be in an M&A discussion with a large company, but Stokols decided to forgo selling in order to try and grow his own brand. The move has worked as FreedomPop eclipsed the million subscriber mark and is now focusing on a global expansion, starting with the United Kingdom.

The core FreedomPop program offers subscribers 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and 200 total MBs of data. This core plan is offered via SIM card or the iOS/Android app and is completely free for life. Utilizing the app will allow people to monitor how many minutes, texts, and MBs of data that they have left. The 200 megabytes is roughly enough for 1,000 emails or 500 page views on the internet. Users who enjoy the plan have the option to earn more data by taking third party surveys, downloading coupons, or simply sharing a bigger plan with someone else.

FreedomPop did a survey and they found that 250,000 subscribers were interested in their product in the United Kingdom. According to CEO Stephen Stokols only 50,000 of those users need to be converted to paying customers for the company to become ‘cash positive’ in the U.K. Subscribers should know that the soft launch will be regulated for the first few months in order to keep the user base growing at a manageable pace.

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