Fox News Airs a Program Attacking George Soros

Fox News is USA’s most popular cable news network. Fox has a reputation for airing nasty programs about prominent people and Citizens. Just some few weeks ago, the cable station dedicated some programs to attack a certain citizen. What’s most funny is the way that this program was advertised on A thirty seconds advert showing the moral sense of the attack was aired by the network before the program. This advert included an empty black screen with the words that” My mother was anti-Semitic and ashamed of being Jewish.” This advert was the followed by a black and white footage that depicted the late 1930s era showing Jews on a rush on an eastern European Street. This advert is then followed by the image of a grim-faced middle-aged man.

Anyone who knows George Soros must have been aware that this program was an attack on George Soros. George Soros is a renowned funder of anti-totalitarian as well as a well-known hedge fudge manager. George Soros funds liberal causes and is a self-proclaimed anti-Semite. He is portrayed as a complicit in the Holocaust and also as an individual who is not in good terms with the state of Israel. However, these are lies that have been told by his haters and his opposition. These are just lies placed in mendacious context.

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George Soros is from Bulgaria and was born in Budapest in 1930 where he survived the Jews persecution by hiding among Nazis. His father helped them survive during this period by producing forged documents as well as fake identities that portrayed them as anything else apart from being Jews. George Soros was able to experience the communist dictatorship in his youth before moving to England on his own. While in England, he attended London School of Economics and realized his passion for financial market while studying here.

As of today, Soros is the 25th richest man on earth. He took a job at the Wall Street in 1956. With the many years of experience in investments, George has made his wealth from stock and currency speculation. He is well known for playing a major role in the demolition of European communism and was a major supporter of civil society movements in the Soviet Union. The funny thing about the program aired by Fox news was that it didn’t tell its viewers any of the above information about George Soros. The promos were evil, and the program was even worse. This program shows Soros as a Bad person who is evil and good in manipulation. Beck was the person who aired this program. He did not stop the attacks and even made another attack on George Soros on his radio program.

While the Fox program was quick to note of the many movements that George Soros has funded, the network did not tell its viewers one thing, the donations, and funding by George Soros was to fight communism as well as the post-Communist dictatorship where it existed. The attack on Soros was so evil such that the program portrayed Soros as an individual who was willing to destroy American togetherness for his own good.