Fortress Investment Group at a Glance

Fortress Investment Group was founded in the year 1998 purely as a private equity firm. Since then it has morphed into a global investment manager with 43.6 billion dollars under its management as of last year. The client base of this investment giant consists of both private investors and institutional clients with assets such as real estate, credit, permanent capital vehicles and private equities among others.The leadership at Fortress has a clear mission; to maintain strong governance policies and practices. The Board of directors is tasked with establishing procedures and policies to ensure that all operations of the firm are carried out with utmost integrity and accountability.At the helm of this great leadership team are Peter L. Briger. Jr., Wesley R. Edens and Randal Nardone. All three have impressive portfolios with experience from industry giants like Sachs & Co., Goldman, BlackRock Financial Management and Thacher Proffitt & Wood. They possess impressive qualifications from some of the top institutions in the world like Princeton and Boston University. The three bring to the table a wide range of strengths which when put together make Fortress Investment Group a force to reckon.

Fortress investment group has five core competencies as follows:

Capital Markets

If you are looking for a global investments firm that has expertise in securing low cost, low risk financing then this is the company you need. The company has over the years built a team of professionals with expertise in the capital markets and with the relevant relationships to make investments turn out profits for investors.

Asset based

FIG is an asset based investing giant bringing on board years of experience as well as unrivalled knowledge on how to invest on a wide range of asset types.

Industry knowledge

For any investments to consistently turn out profits a deep knowledge of the industries one is dealing with is required and this firm certainly has this covered. They also boast of a robust team of seasoned professionals with sector specific knowledge and just the right alliances with both individuals and firms worldwide.

Operations management

In order to generate huge profits from what would otherwise be regarded as extremely complex investments Fortress has come up with efficient tools to evaluate structural, operational and strategic challenges.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions

In order to determine how to effectively execute an investment and decipher exactly the optimal structuring required in making it profitable Fortress Investment Group employs its vast experience when it comes to corporate mergers and asset acquisition.For any firm to grow and prosper the way that Fortress has, it has to be backed by satisfied employees who enjoy their work environment and have room to showcase their expertise in their respective fields. Former and existing employees of Fortress have nothing but good things to say about working at the firm. They cite great benefits, good pay, room to learn and grow, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with truly experienced investors as some of the perks of working at Fortress Investment Group.With the news of the acquisition of Fortress by SoftBank last year, the firm’s shares soared by over 25% continuing to affirm that the track record of Fortress Investment Group speaks for itself. The future looks bright for this investment giant as it continues to operate independently within SoftBank.