Following in The Footsteps of Moses by Studying with the Kabbalah Centre

The ancient teachings of Kabbalah have always been a difficult part of the faith of Judaism for the average person to understand, but The Kabbalah Centre is now bringing about a change in the way the oldest religious teaching in the world is being studied. It is important to remember the Kabbalah dates back to the Garden of Eden as the start of a tradition of study that passed the teachings along to Jewish patriarchs including Abraham and Moses.

Studying Kabbalah includes the need to clear a blockage know as Klippot that affects those who have yet to study Kabbalah and halts us all from seeing more than just one percent of the world around us. Removing this blockage is the best possible way of making sure the secrets of the universe can be revealed, which is possible when students of The Kabbalah Centre study the ancient text of ‘Zohar’ that can be interpreted to fit into any faith based system to allow the individual to learn the secrets of the universe and the light that created the world and universe we live in.

The aim of The Kabbalah Centre is not to teach each student a series of facts or figures, but instead to prepare them to receive the information that is contained within the text. The Kabbalah Centre was created by Rabbi Philip Berg and is based on the research and translations completed by Rabbi Yeshivah Kol Yehuda.

The Kabbalah Centre looks to the history of Judaism to help bring a positive way of exploring the teachings with the aid of traditions including astrology and a belief in bad luck. In a bid to make the study of these ancient teachings more accessible is to work in the English language to make this form of spiritual and mystical exploration as easy to follow as possible