Florida Correctional Officer and Securus Technologies Underscore Need to Rid Prisons if Illegal Cellphones

Securus Technologies leads the industry when it comes to products and technologies designed to enhance the security and efficient operations of correctional institutions. One of the newer, cutting edge technologies from Securus Technologies is the Wireless Containment System.


The Wireless Containment System, or WCS, is designed to eradicate illegal cellphones from correctional institutions. The solution is being put into place in an increasing number of correctional institutions in the United States and Canada.


As part of the process of implementing WCS at correctional facilities in North America, Securus Technologies undertook an analysis of the frequency of illegal communications coming from correctional institutions. Securus Technologies recorded an alarming 1.7 million illegal inmate communications in eight correctional institutions. These represented illegal communications the technology from Securus Technologies was able to prevent from being successfully made.


Keep in mind that there are thousands of different correctional facilities in the United States. These include facilities on the local, state, and federal levels. Thus, the number of illegal communications being made by inmates in this day and age is astronomical.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company currently is serving over 3,400 correctional and law enforcement agencies located in North America. About 1.2 million inmates are covered in one way or another by different types of Securus Technologies products, services, and solutions.


The life story of Robert Johnson underscores the vital importance of reigning in the use of illegal cellphones by offenders in correctional institutions. Johnson was a Florida corrections officer. The proudly served in that capacity for over a dozen years.


One day, while at work, Johnson discovered a box containing contraband that an inmate was attempting to get into the correctional facility where Johnson worked. Johnson’s efforts prevented about $50,000 worth of contraband from being introduced into the institution. But, that was not the end of the story.


The inmate who orchestrated the attempt to get the contraband into the facility had in his position an illegal, working cellphone. Armed with the cellphone, the inmate was able to contact an associate outside of the institution, apparently a fellow gang member.


Through the use of the illegal cellphone, and calling from prison, the inmate as able to order a hit on Johnson. Indeed, after ordering the hit, the inmate’s associate broke into Johnson’s home. The hitman opened fire on Johnson, shooting the correctional officer multiple times. Johnson nearly died and many attributed his survival to nothing less than a miracle.


Once recovering from the assault on his life, the former correctional officer has made it his mission to encourage correctional agencies to take the necessity to eliminate illegal cellphones from correctional institutions very seriously. He advocates for the use of technology, like the WCS created by Securus Technologies.