Finance Proliferation

As the world emerges from one state to another the economy is becoming more of an international factor. Managing people and financial incomes are key factors to making even more money and making it stable. Having a witty and creative mind and choosing the right moment could get you really high in the social ladder and thus we came to this man. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

Brian Bonar is a finance executive of the finest caliber. The type of a man who can go against the odds. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from Strathclyde University and his thirst for knowledge has led him to Stanford University where he got his Masters Degree and a PhD in the field of International Business Development Studies. Combining his knowledge from engineering and vivid imagination he created a specific way of dealing with his problems. A truly strong individual. He has had many roles in a lot of companies proving himself to be a valuable, dedicated and hard-working man.

Brian Bonar managed sales for Adaptec and as soon as he gained required experience he started his own company named Beziers Systems. After that he worked for a few other companies until he stumbled upon Dalrada Financial Services where he was known as an outstanding colleague.

His stronger sides are mergers and acquisitions. With decades of professional management experience in the financial field he was appointed to oversee operations for Dalrada Financial Corporation. For more than ten years he has been company’s Chairman and CEO which were the positions that held him responsible for employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. One of the peaks of his career, where we can see his talent and devotion fully developed, is Trucept Incorporated.

What does Trucept actually do? It is supposed to aid small and medium companies by completing tasks for them. Trucept has many offers for those companies such as managing their payroll also they can manage your human resources thus making your team more efficient, managing administration and the benefits of the employees. The connection between Brian Bonar and Trucept Incorporated – he is Chairman, President, CEO, CFO and Secretary at Trucept Incorporated.

Brian Bonar has received the Who’s Who in the America in the year 2000. That is an astonishing accomplishment because only two male and two female in each discipline are named executives of the year, bravo for him. Brain, like we all do, has another side of himself who likes to play golf for example or maybe go on some boat trips, perhaps with family? Brian is the kind of a man who likes to spend time with his family which is priceless, a man with a full wallet and a full heart.

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