Fighting for Human Rights in the Modern Age

The World Needs A Hero

Thor Halvorssen has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation he is tasked with helping those living under dictatorships across the world with finding ways to empower themselves and establish the parameters of their freedom. Since dictators usually don’t take opposition to their regimes lightly. They use prisons, intimidation, and violence to suppress those willing to challenge them. Nonetheless Halvorssen continues his fight for humanity. Born and raised in Venezuela he has personal reasons for his activism. His family bears the scars and pain that come with challenging authoritarian government.

The Family That Fights Together

Halvorssen isn’t the only freedom fight in his family. Both his mother and father are staunch opponents of the dictatorships that dominate their native land of Venezuela. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was once imprisoned on false charges for investigating possible drug trafficking activity involving Venezuelan officials. His mother was shot and killed during a protest against the Hugo Chavez regime. More recently Halvorssen has seen one of his cousins imprisoned in Venezuela for his activities against the government.

The Daily Risks Of A Fighter

The president of the Human Rights Foundation isn’t in a particularly comfortable position. Everyday he risks actual danger to his person and well being. An example of the immense sacrifices of Halvorssen is the time he was arrested in Vietnam. After interviewing the head of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thich Quang Do, he was placed under arrest and imprisoned. Fortunately Halvorssen thought quickly and told the authorities he was simply converting to Buddhism. While he managed to escape a gloom fate this is a reality he must live with everyday. He understands that his work may some day end in a tragic fashion but he continues to stand up for human rights.

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