Felipe Montoro Jens Uncovers How Concessions May Benefit Brazilian Sanitation Services

As the Brazilian government goes public announcing their latest concessions partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos recently granted an interview to make some clarifications regarding the initiative. It was clear that Edison Carlos remains hopeful that the services provided will continue to improve structure just as well as the way it is managed and resourced. When concerns about the decreasing levels of waste were raised during the course of the interview by infrastructure projects specialist Felipe Montoro Jens, Edison ultimately provided some interesting statistics.

Given that 90% of Brazil’s most basic sanitation services are conducted by the public power division and approximately 70% of users will be served by state organizations, Edison firmly believes the private initiative’s presence should not be kept from the general public. Edison Carlos speculated that the two forms of management could prove more beneficial to the populace by collaborating with one another in a complimentary manner. Trata Brasil institute’s president also mentioned that governing bodies maintain the kind of fundamental experience that can be easily leveraged in partnerships with other companies.

Felipe Montoro Jens followed his report with the details of these locations and their loss of water being a critical cause of the fiscal fall of resources within the water sector of these state companies. Jens previous position as chief financial officer has given him the experience, knowledge and foresight to fully comprehend the planning, controlling and financing of Brazil’s complex governmental infrastructure.

Mr. Jens prior history both in Brazil and abroad with the sugar/ethanol industry and the water/sewage industries among many others allows him a certain consulting and developing prowess in this particular area of resource private enterprises. Felipe Montoro Jens also made note of Edison’s indication of the current assessment’s need for tremendous advancement among public institutions. http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/felipe-montoro-jens/