Felipe Montoro Jens Sees A Ray of hope for Brazilian business environment

Business in Brazil for the year 2017 has been blossoming. It has been successful by all standards. Amongst the most notable indicators of business is infrastructure. The government says that it should be able to launch 18 infrastructure auctions by the end of this year. According to sources in the government, the second half of 2017 has notably been quite busy. In the next couple months, there will be more projects launched.

The co-ordination secretary for investment partnerships says that there will be no calendar modifications to suit some projects next year. She says that the projects must be launched by the end of the year. This has been stated with a complete regard to the political temperatures in Brazil as well as. The secretary indicates that her commission will work for hand in hand with the private sector. She thereby welcomes any inputs that the private sector deems important. This is more so in cases where contractors are derived from the private sector. Felipe Montoros Jens encourages new players so as to ensure that the projects go on as required.

Associated challenges

The government takes this challenge positively. There is common ground that there will only be increased productivity if infrastructure and more so road construction is prioritized. Productivity and modernization will break the vicious cycle that has persistently driven investors away from Brazil. In addressing this challenge, the government will continually create inter-ministerial programs and launch projects that are attractive both to international investors and the private sector. These sentiments were passed during the launch of electricity transmission lines in April this year. This is one of the largest electricity projects in Brazil in its history.

Collectively, there is a beacon of hope for the assumed presidency by Michael Temer. There is an indication that over 50 projects will be launched by early next year. This will translate to an approximate R $23 Billion worth of investment in Brazil.