Feeding Our Best Friends

A casual stroll down the pet food aisle in any local grocery will quickly prove to the shopper that feeding our best friends is very important. The variety of choices available are indicators that this multi-million dollar business is serious about providing the best food possible for those four-legged creatures that we love so much. In fact, the products that overflow on the shelves on both sides of the aisle are guaranteed to make pets jump for joy and wag their tails with delight.

One name synonymous with the pet food business is Purina. Purina on purinastore.com has been around for over eighty years. The company’s love for animals, and its determination to provide them with the best has set industry standards high and has also fed household pets with nutritious food that is complete and balanced. This attention to taste and nutrition has provided a better quality of life for pets. Purina’s mission is to raise the standard for pet nutrition. To do this the company employs over 400 scientist and nutritionist to develop every one of their brands. The belief that proper feeding can extend a dog’s life by increasing the number of healthy years has made them the leading U.S. pet care company.

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food produced by Purina. Beneful is made with “good for you ingredients” which include real meats and vitamin rich vegetables. Beneful prides itself on bringing “tons of taste and texture” to your doggy’s bowl.

Beneful has over thirty brands of dog foods good for adults and puppies. They include eight varieties of dry dog food, twenty varieties of wet dog foods, and eleven varieties of dog treats.

Beneful’s dry dog foods are filled with rich antioxidants and calorie smart nutrition. Their calcium formulas enriched with DHA help support brain and vision development in puppies. The dry food products are also rich in protein and omega nutrition which help maintain strong muscles.

All twenty of Beneful’s wet dog foods are a finely chopped savory blend of real ingredients that burst with flavor.

The eleven varieties of Beneful on target dog treats are healthy smile dental ridges. They reduce plaque and tartar build up. They freshen doggy breath and contain calcium to support teeth and bones.

Man’s best friend has got to eat. Beneful is in business to serve pets. They stand tall as a company that continues to push nutrition forward.