Explore Interesting Aspects About Betsy DeVos’ Personal Life

Elisabeth Prince, popularly known as Betsy DeVos was born in 1958 in Grand Rapids. Her father was a remarkable entrepreneur venturing into trading automobile parts. Betsy has grown into an amazing reformer, philanthropist, politician, entrepreneur, and activist, causes they pursue with her husband, Dick DeVos. As at present, Betsy also acts as the education secretary of United States. The 59-year-old earned her BA from Calvin College in Michigan, and she has remained active in politics and particularly fundraising for significant Republican endeavors. I am excited about Betsy’s zeal and courage that made her serve as a local precinct delegate of a particular party for every two-year term, getting re-elected sixteen times in a row.

General Impression About Betsy DeVos’ Call to Reform Education the Sector

I am at peace with Betsy DeVos holding an influential position in the education industry. Even in her charitable works, Betsy mostly focuses on education. I tend to presume she is sold out to education not only because her mom was a teacher, but also because of what happened in her society. People would gather up and collectively educate the kids of the less fortunate in the community. Such an experience burdened her rise to the occasion and help children across the nation. Betsy lives a purpose-driven life full of optimism that the public and private choice programs they run will keep growing. Their educational choice is getting prevalent even among the Latinos, which is a sign of an enormous popularity.

An Overview of Betsy’s Charitable Initiatives

What we might not know is that we can never exhaust Betsy’s philanthropic works. As it is, her life is interwoven with charity, and you cannot separate her from such causes. What amazes me most is the DeVos’ contribution to the Potter’s House Christian School. They got drawn to the institution after visiting and realizing how parents made efforts to educate their children amid all odds. As they kept on getting back, they started identifying individual cases and funding them. As we speak, the DeVos’ are appreciated as among those channeling massive amounts to the success of the Potter’s House.

Significant Steps That Saw Betsy and Dick Grow Their Dream for Education

After the family got committed to helping parents from low-income households, they increasingly got convicted of the greater calling in them. In 1990, Dick assumed the office of the State Board of Education in Michigan. Elisabeth, on the other hand, started a foundation aimed at giving scholarships to deserving families. That gave such parents the chance to choose where they would want their kids to school. While at it, their eyes opened when they realized people needed more than just the scholarships. That pushed them to get more involved in the educational-choice movement.