Excellence Exhibited By Heads Propaganda In The Provision Of Innovative Advertising Services In Brazil

Heads Propaganda is a Brazilian advertising company that was established in 1989 by Claudio Loureiro. The company has been in operation for a period of more than 25 years. Currently, it is the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil. Its headquarters are based in the city of Curitiba.

The company provides its customers with innovative services. They include on time solutions that has helped in bringing innovative ideas in the way advertising is carried out in Brazil. Heads Propaganda was started from a simple dream of developing a business that focused on brand and products involving art and good relations with people. It has now grown to become one of the big players in the advertising landscape in Brazil. Currently, Heads Propaganda deals with media, publishing, and writing in addition to advertising services.

The firm handles big clients that range from Volvo, Petrobras, and Shop South Federal Bank. It also serves Apothecary in addition to CLARO and SEBRAE. All the above companies and many others enlist Heads Propaganda’s services owing to its advantages in terms of experience and the quality service that it offers. Heads Propaganda’s constant provision of excellent solutions to its clients has helped build its name. This reputation resulted in big media houses seeking to collaborate with the organization. Firms like the Total Group Fischer America and Young 7 Rubican sought their collaboration at one point.

Just like any other business, Heads Propaganda has faced its fair share of challenges. Its ability to change the challenges into opportunity has made the advertising company remain successful. The company was started during the time when Brazil was going through difficult economic times. To register the success that it enjoys today, the corporation has been able to provide innovative services to its clientele. Heads Propaganda has won many awards in its existence due to its outstanding services. In 2011, the Institute of Great Place to Work voted the enterprise as one of the best communication agencies in Brazil.

Claudio Loureiro is the founding and Chief Executive Officer of Heads Propaganda. He is well known in the advertising industry with his unusual ideas that always turn out to be a masterstroke each time. He believes that for any company to grow, it has to take risks. He is an entrepreneur and advertiser who has great passion for Brazil and always seeks to explore the potential that the country has to offer. Currently, he lives in Rio de Janeiro while his family lives in Curitiba.

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