Equity First Holdings Specialist in offering Capital during Financial Crises

The equity first Holdings LLC is a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder in financing solutions. It has now relocated its Melbourne office to equity first Holdings Australia Pty Ltd. The new office in Australia is located in the heart of Melbourne. It will be more accessible to clients and business associates in the region. According to Michelle Hopwood, the managing director for Equities First Holdings Australia, the new office is the company’s expansion strategy. It is spacious and will give them a better space to accommodate their clients as well as create more room for expansion. The office is located in Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Equity First Holdings operates three business locations in Perth, Melbourne, and Australia in Sydney. They provide their clients with stock-based loans as capital for business expansion. The funds can be used for any purpose, and most of the loans are non-recourse in the following: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-lender-equities-first-holdings-124500530.html click here.

The firm also maintains locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom while the headquarters are in Indianapolis Indiana USA. EFH has been in operations since 2002; it has enabled thousands of clients to meet their personal and professional goals. It has completed about 700 transactions which are worth more than $1.4 billion. They have offered customers high loans at low fixed interest rates.

Over a decade, they have worked to determine high-end solutions to people in need of fast working capital. During economic crises, the company is there for those who desperately require funds. The company is known for being there during economic crises. They always offer better results when one is committed to workings. They struggle to reach all markets to sell their stock based loans as well as gain popularity.

Equity holdings always provide a hedge against problems and solutions to loans. During tough economic times, it’s when people and businesses are in dire need of capital. Equity first holding specializes in offering capital in such times.