Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

One of the most acknowledged companies in the provision of alternative solutions to the credit society is Equities First Holdings. The company has worked, for more than 14 years of professional experience in loan, to offer solutions to business and individuals ready to set aside their stocks as collateral for the loans. For this reason, it has also gained traction as one of the most trusted companies in this category. For you to meet your personal needs without stating the intended use of the money, you must first acquire the services of Equities First Holdings which is knowledge all over the world as the best solution for getting loan.

Equities First Holdings has been reported to have access and offices to offer solutions to at least all the continents of the world. This is the reason why they have achieved this amount of growth within a short period. For now, the company is worth more than $40 million. The company also has its headquarters in Indianapolis with other regional offices in New York. Its offices in all the continents include Perth, Seoul, Sydney, Indianapolis, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. For this reason, it has used its offices to offer more than 2,000 completed transactions in their portfolio of services in the world. For this reason, this amount translates to more than $2 billion in issued by the company to other parties.

The company, under the leadership of the Al Christy as the Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, has worked to have more than 50 employees. According to Christy, many people don’t understand the main differences between the stock-based loans and margin loans. While the two loans use stocks as collateral to secure working capital, they have many differences which are not written. One of them is that the stock-based loans offer a more seamless transaction where you do not qualify for the loan when you state the use of the money.