EOS Succeeds In The Lip Balm Niche

EOS lip balm got it’s start in taking advantage of a niche market that the founders felt was being ignored. Lip balm and chap stick products on the shelves at the drugstore all looked the same. Tubes filled with plain flavored balm product, all around the same price point, and all generally formulated in the same way. In an article by Fast Company, it looked to the founders of EOS that nobody was being adventurous in that realm.

All it took was a few guys with backgrounds in startups and big brand packaging to spark an idea to revolutionize the lip balm and chap stick aisle. This small start up took advantage of what they already knew would be good for their business. They would have machines built that could manufacture their products without having to reach to an outside manufacturer. This would allow them to expand business at the rate they needed while keeping costs down.

This came in as a good idea because after it’s first successful round of selling products at Walgreen’s and ULTA they knew the product would take off everywhere, and it did. EOS products have expanded beyond lip balm products to lotions and shaving cream and have plans to expand beyond this even more in the future.

Their products are successful because of the all natural and organic formulations of the body care products that everyone has become of a fan of lately. No added icky stuff in their products is a happy and healthy body. The exterior packaging matters just as much as what’s on the inside and the founders made sure they knew what women wanted before creating the design (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html). Focus groups and truly asking what females wanted created the product that people would really buy. Let’s hope for more fantastic products from EOS in the near future.