Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks About Success

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who recently had a podcast in which he talked about the keys to becoming successful in both business and in life. Verne stated that there are five things that you must do in order to be successful. The first thing he said is that you will need to focus on being a leader instead of a boss. As a leader, you will put others before you to accomplish goals and also work to earn respect instead of just demanding it with your status. Another form of advice that Josh Verne gave is that you should always seek a win win situation when dealing with others. With this approach, you will make sure that you and someone else benefits. As a result, you will increase your success in the long term.


During the podcast, Josh also mentioned some other things that will help people become successful. One of the things he said was that should listen more instead of talking. When you listen more, you will be able to get a better understanding of what someone wants and be in better position to give better feedback. Verne also said that people who are looking to succeed should look to have a more balanced life. While being financially secure is very beneficial, it is also very important to be healthy and have a home life that is very fulfilling. Another thing that Josh mentioned is that you should seek to find out what you are truly passionate about. This will be essential to having a satisfying career as you will be more motivated to work and look forward to everyday.


Verne is the chief executive officer of Flocku which is a marketing company that caters to college students. It is a business that helps college students find a number of product brands on campus and on the internet. Along with connecting with different brands, Flocku also helps college students exchange content that includes news, opinions and information about college life. Josh’s company allows students to create all of the content themselves which has proven to be very desirable among his customers. Flocku is also able to reach students through content marketing on both the internet and at various events that take place on campus.


Before launching the company Flocku, Josh began working at his family’s furniture distribution business. When working at this business, Josh would advance up the ranks and eventually reach a top position where he demonstrated his leadership abilities. He helped the furniture business become even more successful than it was. After working at this family’s furniture business, he would work for retail companies in which he would help make lots of money in sales. Verne eventually started up a company called Workpays LLC in 2011.