Enormous Underground Water Resource Found

The good news is that researchers at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California have discovered a vast amount of water underground. The bad news is that the water resource is very deep in the earth and would be hard for humans to tap.

The Stanford research team recently published a study about the 700 trillion gallon water deposit they found beneath the ground of the Central Valley of California. Unfortunately, some of the water may be salty and unusable, and all of it is hard to access because the cost of pumping it out would be incredibly expensive. Another problem is that the groundwater may be contaminated with wastes from oil and gas drilling.

While the water itself does not appear to be an immediately useful resource, the fact that scientists discovered it all is significant. As water becomes a more scarce resource around the world, scientists are studying the overall geological situation intensely, and this discovery shows that there may be other undiscovered water deposits beneath the ground in North America and elsewhere.

I feel that this discovery is a good example of how little we understand, even with sophisticated modern technology, about the very planet we live on. I am hoping that scientists will continue to learn more about the earth’s geology and consequently be able to develop solutions for the global water crisis that is bound to happen eventually.