End Citizens United; Putting a Stop to the Era of Dark Funds

Dark era funds have often been used to facilitate the existence of nonprofit organizations that in turn have a direct influence on elections. Moreover, these not-for-profit organizations are in a position to receive hefty amounts of donations. On the contrary, they are not allowed to disclose the source of the funds as the opacity of the source allows these organizations to influence the entire election process behind the scenes. With that said, it is evident that the dark fund’s era is almost over as a group of citizens called the End Citizens United recently came forward with a proposal to end the period of dark funds that has often been utilized to facilitate unfair elections.

What is End Citizens United?

End Citizens United came up with the name from the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision made to implement Citizens United, a group that opened doors for high profile corporate funds for supporting elections. Over the years, End Citizens has come up with viable policies to combat the dark funds used for political gains. Moreover, the organization has majorly worked with like-minded individuals to elect leaders who are comfortable with rejecting dark funds from the unknown sources. Besides being funded by grassroots donors, Citizens United has made it a national priority to ensure that only proactive reformists are elected.

The Annual Midterm Elections

As a result, with roughly six months only left to the 2018 midterm elections, the organization has continued to elect candidates who have ceremoniously demonstrated their robust support of campaigning for essential finance reforms. Perhaps this is a significant solidarity movement to support the campaign finance reform through a range of activities like rejecting track records of the dark era money.

The Establishment of End Citizens United

Besides, End Citizens has established major restrictive platforms to bar the circulation of dark money in America’s political landscape. With the assistance of their leaders and grassroots donors, the group confirmed that politicians, rather than representing their people, represented their need for satisfying their selfishness through stealing from the people. Regarding these midterm elections, the following is set to occur;

The Endorsed Candidates

Randy Bryce- Randy Bryce was hoping to replace Paul Ryan, who just announced his intentions to resign from the post of Senate speaker. As such, he would not be seeking any reelection in office.

Jacky Rosen – Jacky Rosen was initially elected as a representative at Nevada District. As of now, he hopes to be chosen as a U.S. Senate.

Brendan Kelly- Brendan Kelly has always fought against corruption even before the onset of the midterm elections. Therefore, as he vies for this particular seat, he has a clean track record that might land him to the post.

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