End Citizen United Uniting the People Against Corruption

The political and social landscape of the United States hadn’t looked more confusing and puzzled before than it is today. The election campaigns in the country have become more about money and less about the integrity of the election procedures because corporations fuel elections with money to manipulate with the outcome. It is a universally known fact and it is the Supreme Court of the country that has passed the judgment to allow big companies and wealthy individuals to spend as much money as they want in the nation’s elections.

End Citizens United is one of the only political action committees in the country that has been actively raising their voice against the way the elections in the country are funded. The big companies in the country have a free hand as to how they fund the elections, and it has made a mockery out of the elections, which are supposed to represent the democratic principles followed in the country.

As more and more money is pumped into the elections, the political candidates are getting swayed towards the fancy affair that the elections are turning out to be for the money and lifestyle and less for the interest of the people and the country. Moreover, when the big companies indebt the political candidates due to their funding in the elections, it is natural for them to pay back the favor when they are elected in power. It has in a way rigged the entire election system and made it more vulnerable as well. The everyday people of the country vote for a new political candidate or a party in the hope that he or she would bring positive change to the country and its people, but instead, life continues in the same way as it has always done without an iota of difference.

In a way, the campaign finance rules that are currently in practice in the United States is a blow to democracy as it is taking away from the politics, the voice of the people. Democracy is for the people, but due to the unlimited amount of money they put into the elections to influence the public and manipulate the outcome, it has become more for the big companies. End Citizens United wants that the people are made aware of the worsening situation in the country when it comes to campaign finance rules so that the protest they aim to start is widespread and more impactful. End Citizens United is a political action committee that seeks to help the political candidates with the same view as the organization and who are entirely funded by the everyday donors.

End Citizens United has a long-term goal of overturning the Supreme Court decision of 2010 and makes the campaign finance rules more transparent and accountable. It would ensure that the people’s vote doesn’t go to waste and the politicians are compelled to make the interest of the people their priority.

To know more visit @: votesmart.org/interest-group/2568/end-citizens-united#.WimkuLQ-eRs