Embracing Fashion and Technology.

It is no secret that technology and fashion go hand In hand, as well as through so many years they have both shown a tremendous growth and various changes. Technology needs fashion so does fashion need technology. Their past and present determine what their future entails.


During the 70s, the boom box was so much popular to its users because one would move around with their best stations and tunes. Another popular technology display was the two cassette decks, it was designed in a way that one of its sides played music and the other for the purpose of recording, it exceeded its heights into the 80s. In the 90s the experience of music became greater with the foundation of the Walkman. Over the years the music technology became incredible with the invention of iPods that are small in size and fashionable.


Fashion designers are in this industry to initiate what sells, thus they need technology to create the improvement that they desire. Anouk Wipprecht is famous for her avant-gande designs. She designed an awesome and unique dress, a drink-making dress as well as Pseudomorphs and the Daredroid. She strongly believes technology contributes to her incredible work. Another fashion and technology advancement is the airbag for cyclists designed by Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin, it protects the cyclist in the case of any danger by popping up.


Furthermore, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon initiated frontline gloves that firefighters use for protection. The gloves allow the firefighters to signal their colleagues about vital information through hand gestures. It is a great lesson that the future of technology enhances the future of fashion thus they can help each other in growing. Technology and fashion make tomorrow a better destination because of their creativity.


Chris Burch is a sequential entrepreneur, his over 40-year experience in the world of business has brought up great success in various industries. Technology, Fashion real estate are one of his major suits. He is the founder as well as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The value of the firm is the involvement of Chris Burch’s skill in entrepreneurship to have fresh market chances by being creative through development, support and scale. This leads to valuable businesses and brands that have a positive effect on the lives of the customers.


Chris Burch has highly contributed to the growth of over 50 companies since he began his career. Having an instinctive understanding of the customer behavior, with a worldwide experience from other sources is what has led him to greater heights.

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