Edisoft, driving supply chain performance

When visibility solutions became available, measuring the on-time performance was a typical Key Performance Indicator in the transportation departments. To this end, the carrier score card would be reviewed each quarter for both the air and ocean carriers. For the rail carriers, they would report and measure their on-time performance by examining the scheduled departures and if they adhered to. On the other hand, motor carriers would measure their on-time performance by reviewing the service types. However, today, there exists specific key performance indicators that cover the financial, physical, as well as the regulatory issues of the supply chains.

Currently, there is more data which is available to supply chain stakeholders including shippers which are obtained through GPS data sets, real-time tracking and the internet of things (About). Additionally, technology has enabled global trading partners to collaborate using technology platforms including mobile solutions. The best way to view the on-time performance of the supply chains is to look at the customs clearance as well as inland movements of cargo between the trading partners. It may also be viewed as the time needed during the final mile arrangements. The movements of good should be more efficient so that motor and parcel carriers report deliveries. Additionally, supply chains should satisfy all the customers while realizing revenues for businesses.

It is imperative that business firms optimize their supply chains by using technology and the gathered data so that they have insights to evaluate the developed key performance indicators. They must link the big data together to better their supply chain channels. Businesses should leverage on big data to ensure that finished goods are delivered to customers efficiently. Supply chain performance can also be evaluated by reviewing how information reaches all the stakeholders accurately despite the different time zones. This includes how time data is provided by a business partner to another for customs filings and document creation. Using these techniques, they can achieve, more predictable, agile, cost-efficient, as well as compliant supply chain.

One of the companies that provide smart supply chain solutions is Edisoft. The company was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Toronto Canada. However, the company has other satellite offices including in Miami Florida. The company is privately held and has about 50 employees.

The company provides supply chain platforms thus helping distributors and manufacturers to improve their supply chain performance. As such, the company specializes in Order Management, Supply Management Platform, Data Integration, Agnostic, and ERP Compatible

Edisoft leverages on data as the strategic asset which can help in delivering an optimized as well as automated, Warehouse, Compliance and Vendor Management in one single integrated system. The Company serves clients from across the world.

The company aims to deliver innovative technology which will offer practical workflows changes to suppliers and retailers this enabling them to view logistics as a source of competitive advantage in the modern business world. The company works in different industries including healthcare.