E-governe and Widespread Applicability in Brazilian Administration

Considering the technological advancement in the recent years, most of the governments around the world started moving towards a new concept called e-governance. It means that governance is executed over the internet, and it has advantages like increasing the execution efficiency, scraps the unnecessary procedures, strengthening the transparency in governmental actions and approvals, significantly reducing the costs associated with governance. People around the world got improved access to the internet considering the expansion mobile internet technology and increased use of smartphones in the recent years. The Brazilian government is also harnessing the benefits of e-governance by the help of a new initiative called, “e-governe.”



The initiative commenced almost a decade back, and currently, it has a wider network across the various Brazilian administration wings. It has various e-governance packages for different departments of administration. The initiative is servicing from local governance to the Brazilian federal government departments. Most of the municipalities are benefitted from the services of the governance technology, and it includes all the major cities such as Greater São Paulo, Teresina, Osasco, and more. Some of these are going for department wise implementation, while others are going for a complete implementation. The end results are making the solutions superior and effective considering other forms of governance. For instance, the e-governance for Education of Osasco is covering 138 schools along with Municipal Education Department. The platform ensures uniqueness, integrity, and security of information, helping to pull out management reports instantly, access via the internet, limiting reworks, better control over the network, and more.



The e-governe has four areas of services that are addressing the comprehensive needs of the administrative sections. It includes Technology, Data Center, Safety, and Support. In terms of technology, the platform uses the best combination of technology design that ensures simplified, agile and intuitive navigation through the platform. It is enabled to use from both traditional internet browsers and various mobile devices. The support is made sure by the qualified technical team who gives operational and technical assistance in all the areas of public management. Regarding security, it has modules that carry total control per the user level which can track algorithms of access encryption to the history of operations. The data center of the system ensures processing, storage, hosting, and monitoring services in the technological environment of governance platform.



The e-governe has comprehensive systems and solutions to address various governing bodies and government departments. It has solutions to address health, education, indicators, documents, protocols, tributes, ISS/NFS-e, materials, finance, vehicles, constructions, contracts, patrimony, trading floor, attendance, human resources, and more. All the solutions are designed to address the end-to-end needs of the particular departments or sections. Interestingly, these services can be used by private firms as well, and many of them are implementing the systems in their network to improve the efficiency and drive the innovation. The technology platform is popular especially in the financial suburbs of Metropolitan Region of São Paulo and other key localities with technology corporations’ presence. The e-governe systems are working as an important channel to communicate with various departments and working as a tool for centralized governance. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/salarios