Drought Lifted While Impacts Remain

California residents can now say that the drought that has lasted for about four years is over. That doesn’t mean that the damage done by the drought will go away anytime soon. Whenever there is a significant lack of water in a state, there are always issues with the infrastructure of the ground and amount of water that is available for drinking in the future. Lawns are now seeking the water that they once had, damaged to a point where they don’t have the beautiful green color that they once had. There are forests struggling with trees that have simply died out from the lack of adequate water over the course of a few years. In some places, the land started to sink in, appearing as though it would cave in on itself.


Although it’s started to rain once again, the ground and the plants and the trees aren’t going to just bounce back to the way that they were overnight. Governor Jerry Brown removed emergency orders from 2014 and 2015 over the first week of June 2017. There are a few water restrictions in some of the counties in California, but for the most part, people can begin using water like before. When the drought started, there was only about four percent of the state that didn’t see any kind of dry conditions. Fortunately, the winter season of 2016 was abnormally wet, providing plenty of moisture for the state to come out of drought conditions. There isn’t a promise that there won’t be another drought in the future, and if there is, then there is a chance that it could leave conditions worse than what they are now.