Dr. Mark Holterman’s Work Doesn’t Go Unoticed

Dr. Mark Holterman is the chief medical officer for Miriam Global Health. He also teaches students and residents at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is the attending pediatric surgeon at both St Francis Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Dr. Holterman is an extremely big advocate for pediatric medicine with a strong belief that all children should have access to health care. He has written a number of articles and texts on emerging medical technologies and strongly supports new and improving changes with the medical field.

Strong Focus in Improving Changes Beneficial to Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Holterman also supports a number of health related charities and research programs. Holterman has received a number of adware for his participation in researching and determining many medical realizations in regards to pediatric medicine.   One of which is the IPSCAC-VN, or International Pediatric Specialists Alliance Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. IPSCAC-VN works at medical schools and hospitals located in Vietnam to help bring in the latest and greatest surgical advances to children who may need it the most.

The charity and those who support it work hard to promote health care activities and provide education as well as training with various tools and equipment all through the country.

IPSAC—VN also has volunteers who work to help arrange procedures and surgical outreach to those who may live in the more remote areas of Vietnam. Common surgical procedures include tumor removal, heart disorder repairs, organ transplants, corrective surgery for both spinal abnormalities and fetal development.

Dr. Mark Holterman works tirelessly to not only donate his money to this life changing charity, but also his time by being one of the many doctors to travel to Vietnam and offer medical surgery to those who use the program as a means of receiving proper health care. They work to make sure their patients not only get the health care or surgery they need, but also to ensure that educate those on the importance of the after care that is necessary after a surgery or procedure is done.  For contact details and specification, check doctors.healhgrove.com.

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