Dr. Clay Siegall & The Fight Against Cancer

Living in the 21st Century has great benefits compared to decades or eras of the past. Technology rules for this genre of people, but the 21st Century has it’s fair share of negatives as well. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases of man kind and it has only gotten worse over the past decade. Many of us have been effected or touched by this illness, but there are advancements on the market and in the pipeline for fighting the disease. Seattle Genetics is the name and eradicating cancer is the game.

Seattle Genetics is one of the best Biotechnology companies in the world and it’s antibody based therapies are extending lives. Any great company has to have great leadership and this company is no exception. Dr. Clay Siegall, whom is the President, (CEO), and Co-Founder, has turned this company into a worldwide powerhouse. Dr. Siegall has been in the business for many years and his experience exceeds the vast majority of his peers. He has worked with many of the prominent names in cancer research such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, The National Institute of Health, and The National Cancer Institute. With his extensive knowledge, Dr. Siegall has written over 70 publications all while holding up to 15 patents. The Health Industry has honored this guy with numerous awards and his accolades are phenomenal when compared to other industry leaders.

Even social media is aware of the good doctor’s presence and his social media accounts display a wide range of services that Seattle Genetics offer, breaking news within the industry, statistics of followers, and updates that deal with cancer research. Forbes Magazine has recently stated that the Seattle Genetics is ranked at #71 of the most innovative growth companies in the world. This is the ultimate when it comes to Biotech as the company has a Total Enterprise Value of $4.7 Billion. Clay Siegall is truly a pioneer in the game, but his advanced concepts are very relevant in this digital age.