Donkeys Found In Hawaiian Cities

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters. Although, the island is now known for feral donkeys. 500 of them to be exact. The herd started much smaller, but the animals were left unchecked because they were in rural areas and did not affect anyone.

Recently though the donkeys have had to migrate to populated areas to find food and water. Drought it the island hard and the result is that wildlife will move closer to populations to find the sustenance that they need. This has caused some major problems on road ways and drivers have been complaining about the hazard.

The USPCA has taken the initiative to gather up the donkeys and put them up for adoption. At the shelters they receive food, water, medical checks and shots. They have then been adopted out to homes that can care for them abnd love them.

The USPCA is proud of how the situation has been handled. They have also pointed out that not one Federal dollar was used in theis effort. Donations have entirely covered all the costs of the medical checks and adoptions. Of the 500 donkeys that were rounded up, only 50 remain that need homes.

The terms of adoption are that not one donkey will be alone. They must either go to a home that already has a donkey friend for them, or they must be adopted out in pairs.