Don Ressler’s Fabulous Success

Don Ressler is one of the masterminds behind some of the most successful start-ups of this decade. Although he may have started out opening businesses in his own field, he would learn that sometimes the biggest success is those that come from stepping outside his comfort zone. The most renowned of his successes is Intelligent Beauty and its many subsidiaries.

Early on in his career, Don realized that he was meant to start his own company. Ressler’s first start-up was an internet company called, which was eventually bought out by Intermix Media. It was after finding a new position at Intermix that he was teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, another successful entrepreneur he had heard. To his surprise, Adam turned out to be a 19-year-old COO. Together they formed Alena Media and began generating hundreds of millions in revenue. In their short time at Intermix, they were Intermix’s only profit center on Instagram. In 2005, Intermix was bought out by News Corp. News Corp turned out to be a horrible fit for the duo, as News Corp completely ignored how successful Alena Media was. After realizing their frustration, the two left the company to explore their own opportunities.

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Unsatisfied with the way things at Alena had turned out Don Ressler wanted to start another of his own companies. Along with Goldenberg and some former Alena team members, they began brainstorming. They wanted to start something that had never really been done before. After a couple of weeks of research and development, Brand Ideas, which would be called Intelligent Beauty, was born. This new company was a direct-to-consumer brand that created DERMSTORE. A couple of years later, they introduced SENSA, a weight-loss system. In the beginning, the company was bootstrapping all of its funding, but they soon got a $43 million fund from Technology Crossover Ventures.

The third, and most successful, of their companies is JustFab. The company was launched in 2010 and since become one of the world’s most successful clothing stores on the web. In 2011, Matrix Partners gave the company $33 million in funding and brought Kimora Lee Simmons on as President and Creative Director. Since 2012, JustFab has introduced at clothing line for children called FabKids. In 2013, Ressler and Goldenberg launched an athletic wear site called Fabletics. The fashion development was a collaboration with celebrity Kate Hudson after receiving $40 million in funding.