Don Ressler: Dress To Lift Moods

These days, people are discovering the connection of their moods to other things about them. For people who are struggling with their feelings towards themselves, the root cause could be how they perceive themselves. Often times, people who are not satisfied with themselves just need an adjustment to their wardrobe to start with. There are many cases of people putting on different clothes and noticing a significant shift in their mood. This is one of the reasons that people are starting to pay more attention to fashion. However, it is not just dressing good, but also putting on the clothes they want to wear.

Don Ressler is very passionate about giving people the opportunity to enjoy fashion. This is why he is very involved with JustFab and the subsidiaries. Don Ressler wants all people to feel good about themselves. This is the reason that he has made Fabletics an all inclusive brand.

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Don Ressler has started this brand with a vision. This vision involved lifting moods with the right clothes. This is one of the reasons that Matrix Partners has funded them with $33 million. They saw a lot of promise in what they were offering. Therefore, the company was able to successfully reach customers and improve their sense of style.

One thing about Fabletics is that there are many different types of clothes that could help bring out different moods. For athletic clothes, there are well fitting clothes that could improve the performance of the work out because of the confidence one experiences with the clothing and the fit. These items sell really well online. To make things better, customers get a set of items for free that is based on their purchasing behavior.

Don Ressler takes on a lot of markets when it comes to fashion. He is someone that has an eye for who can be reached. Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg have recruited some of the best designers in the industry in order to come up with something that will inspire and lift moods to the highest possible level. With Fabletics, people will reach new heights of self appreciation.