Dog Food Innovation

The Beneful dog food brand has been one of the leading names in the pet food business. Since being established in 2001, Beneful, a brand of Nestle Purina Petcare has risen to the top of the competition and created a name for itself in the world of pet food. They offer several different products including dry and wet food, canned food and dog snacks. The primary focus of Beneful is creating quality food for dogs. According to the Beneful website, the company feeds over 15 million dogs each year. All of their products are in line with regulations from the FDA, AAFCO as well as the USDA. The company stands by the quality of their products. With so much competition within the dog food industry, there are several new products being made each day. Recently, the industry has seen a strong movement towards healthier and more natural products in dog food. Not only that, but also many companies are trying to come up with new ideas that dog owners will fall in love with. According to an article written for the Daily Herald, premium dog food sales have soared since 2009 and now occupy half of the market of dog food. Beneful has been a crucial part of this movement to more quality and health within the realm of dog food. As dog food continues to expand and change, Beneful has always stayed ahead of the trends. Upon its founding in 2001, Beneful immediately prided themsleves on creating dog food that centered on nutrition and health. Since then, they have been able to give millions of pet owners an opportunity to feed their dogs good quality food. In an effort to keep up with the times, Beneful released a line of soy-based dry foods in 2005. With soy as the main source of protein, the Beneful brand was stepping into uncharted territory releasing a product not centered on meat. In another step to keep the game changing, in 2010 Beneful released Incredibites that were smaller portions of food that would be kept fresh in a sealable bag. Beneful has and will continue to improve the quality of dog food within their company as well as the industry as a whole.