Doe Deere Doesn’t Believe in Fashion Rules

Evey year fashion magazines seem to flock at attempts to make a new list of fashion rules that you should or should not abide by. As I scan these lists each year I often ask myself do fashion rules really exist? Who comes up with these rules? What makes these fashion editors the end all be all of the fashion world? Who makes these rules anyway? Aren’t rules meant to be broke? Doe Deere seems to think so.

If you are not a follower of the fashion industry you may have no clue who this Doe Deere lady is. She refers to herself as the unicorn queen and she is also the CEO of Lime Crime make up line. This unconventional CEO believes in not only shaking things up in fashion but also using different types of palettes and shades that do not always match.

So what cool rules does Doe break? She is a firm believer that you do not have to limit your boldness. What exactly does that mean? Simple. Just because you have a smokey eye does not mean you can not have any other smokey make up features. She is a firm believer that there is no fun in predictable make up trends.

Deere has told many that she breaks the bold make up rule daily. She really feels like the more vibrant you are the more exciting it is. Is make up the key to happiness? This unicorn queen absolutely thinks so. On any given day you will catch her with a blue milk eyeliner and a red velvet lip.

When it comes to color is there anything such thing as too much color? According to Deere it depends on the person. Color does not have to be your enemy especially when great confidence is involved.

Most importantly, Deere believes that the key to her ensemble is color coordination. Sure, not everyone has what it takes to pull of some of the outrageous patterns that she can wear but everyone knows that if it were that easy then she would never be able to keep her unicorn queen title, at least not for long.