Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: Inspiring Women To Pursue Their Dreams

Doe Deere, the founder of the revolutionary cosmetics company Lime Crime, is being called one of the most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. It’s only fitting because Doe Deere has taken a dream and combined it with hard work, fun and innovative marketing and made it into a reality. She’s the type of role model any parent would want for their daughter. Doe Deere had limited resources, but she didn’t let that stop her from doing what she loved which was playing with colorful make-up in unique ways. By pursuing her dream she has tapped into a network of women worldwide that have been looking for a way to express their inner unicorn.


Deep in her heart Doe Deere always knew she would be successful. No matter what obstacles she faced she continued to push forward towards her dream. In a recent interview she revealed that as one of the reasons she has succeeded. Deere also explained that she draws inspiration from female entrepreneurs before her and the fearless women she meets and hears about every day that are willing to make bold steps and do whatever it takes to fulfill their dreams. Yes, Doe Deere is a dreamer. But she follows it up with the work necessary to make her dreams a reality.


One of the wonderful things about the rise of Lime Crime cosmetics is how much fun Doe Deere has building the company. For her it is a labor of love. She has been playing with brightly colored make-up, glitter and rhinestones and daring to wear it ever since she was 9 years old. And she is still having fun today. She is able to let her imagination run wild and share her ideas with fearless women all over the world. And those women share their ideas about what it’s possible to do with the make-up right back with her and the other fearless unicorns interested in experimenting with color.

It is that boldness, daring and willingness to experiment that has led to the development of Lime Crime cosmetics and helped to make it an international fashion phenomenon. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere challenges women to be their authentic selves, ignore the self-appointed fashion police, free their inner unicorn and make bold, bright, unique statements with the make-up they wear and how and when they wear it. Doe Deere is inspiring women to be themselves and pursue their dreams.