Dedication Under Strife

When there are enemies who seek to banish or to erase the sense of the state of Israel there are champions who answer the call from the country and come to her defense. Champions such as Daniel Taub, the ambassador to Israel who is stationed in the United Kingdom, has done just that, battling such evils as anti-semitism in the Bradford area.

Daniel Taub has been the diplomat to the UK since 2011, and, up until recently, had already done so much good for both countries that the level of action he has taken has never been outdone by anyone before him.

He has single-handedly negotiated double the trade agreements between his country and the United Kingdom, bringing over three hundred Israeli businesses into England and surrounding areas.

This increase in trade and good relations has angered some individuals, such as George Galloway, a man who has a lot to say about shunning those who seek solace and acceptance.

George Galloway, in a statement, noted that the Bradford areas were to be an Israeli free zone. He claimed that the people living in Bradford were not willing to trade with Israeli citizens, accept Israeli tourists into the area, or accept any form os Israeli educators to teach at any sites in the area. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

In order to address this issue, Daniel Taub, who had just given his official resignation of office and will be returning to Israel this coming Summer, still went out of his way to visit Bradford and discuss the matter with parties involved.

What Daniel Taub found was that the majority of individuals in Bradford felt the exact opposite of Galloway and actually wanted to see an increase in Israeli relations, not a decrease.

It is unknown where Bradford will go from here but one thing is for certain, with individuals representing Israel such as Daniel Taub doing the good work of the people there is sure to be positive results.

Daniel Taub has resigned from his post in London and will be returning to Israel in Summer. He plans on taking the success stories from his time in the United Kingdom and use the same formula to continue the fight in the Middle East.

His new challenge is to strengthen ties with Islamic countries back home, which is not an easy task but one that Taub is dedicated and passion about.

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