David Giertz Speaks To The Importance Of Social Security

David Giertz has extensive knowledge about Social Security. Yet he is noticing that many financial advisors in the industry are not speaking with their clients about this important matter. It is a practice that has become very common in the field. Social Security is a complicated subject with more than 2700 rules that need to be studied and explained. Financial advisors have developed a habit of bypassing the topic of Social Security and presenting a broad view of retirement in the minds of their clients.

However, David Giertz has done his own research and noticed that retirees are disappointed in the fact that they are not being counseled about their Social Security options. There are reasons for them to be concerned according to Giertz. If they enter into their social security benefit at the wrong time a retiree may lose a great deal of money throughout the length of the retirement. Giertz’ research is also showing him that retirees are leaving their financial advisors and looking for new council if they find out that the advisor is not knowledgeable about Social Security.

David Hertz has been working in the financial advisement industry for over 30 years. He has a style that brings strategy and innovation to a situation that leads to profitable business results. David held the position of President of Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Organization. He was directly involved in elevating the company’s bottom line from 11 billion to 17.8 billion in revenue. David has always been a top-level executive who exceeded the goals that were expected of him at any organization. He introduced wholesale strategy for the private sector annuities, life insurance and mutual funds.

David Giertz is an experienced business coach who was at the head of Financial Institutions Bank Channel in 2004. Financial Institutions Bank Channel went on to acquire Warehouse Distribution Channel by the year 2009. In 1999 David Giertz became a member of Nationwide where he took on the role of Regional Vice President. His offices were in Miami Florida where David was responsible for the production in seven states, as well as Puerto Rico. David was able to increase revenue in his region by 40%.

David Giertz also served time at Citigroup before his tenure at Nationwide. David was at Citigroup for 10 years where he was a Financial Services Advisor. David initially rose to the rank of Area Director at Citigroup. The title of Executive Vice President of Sales was soon to follow where he also recorded an outstanding record of achievement.