Daniel Taub Goes To Bradford Despite Threats

Daniel Taub showed great courage and leadership when he decided to go ahead and visit the city of Bradford in England back in 2014.

One of the ministers who represent the city of Bradford had recently given a speech in which he lambasted the Jewish state of Israel and the Israeli people. Taub was serving as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom at the time.

In his provocative speech, George Galloway called his constituency an Israeli free-zone. When he was talking about his constituency, Mr. Galloway was referring to the city of Bradford.

George Galloway was vitriolic in his rhetoric against the Jewish state of Israel going so far as to say that the city of Bradford does not need or welcome any Israeli goods, people or tourists. Galloway then attacked the Jewish state of Israel as being a barbarous and evil regime in the Middle East.

Daniel Taub was not spooked by Galloway’s fiery and hateful rhetoric towards his nation and his fellow Israeli citizens.

After George Galloway’s speech was published on the internet, Daniel Taub had received an invitation from faith and community leaders to visit the city of Bradford in an effort to prove that the hate of George Galloway was not representative of the vast majority of its citizens.

Taub had accepted the invitation from concerned citizens, religious leaders and community leaders in Bradford about the antisemitism and anti-Israeli bias being spouted by someone in politics such as George Galloway. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

His appearance at Bradford and meeting with the citizens there was a slap in the face of antisemites such as George Galloway who threaten to boycott and exclude the state of Israel and its people. With his visit to Bradford, Daniel Taub sent a strong and clear message that the Jewish people will not stand down in the face of bigotry but will instead unite with others to fight against it.

Daniel Taub has a close relationship with the United Kingdom despite serving as the ambassador to the United Kingdom for the Jewish state of Israel. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom and later immigrated or made aliyah back to the historic Jewish homeland.

His educational background includes studying at the prestigious and historic Oxford College in the UK and then the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Daniel Taub served as the ambassador to the United Kingdom for over four years beginning in 2011 and ending in 2015.

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