Curious California: Man Goes After Girl For Selling Lemonade

The old Summer-time American cliche about kids setting up a lemonade stand has typically brought about feelings of pride and good cheer, as it is a way for kids to garner some business experience while also having a good time. That cliche was strangely inverted yesterday on July 18th in a sunny little suburb in Discover Bay, California when a young girl (whose name has not been released) and member of the LaRouche family was setting up her own lemonade stand after being told by her parents that she could set up for one hour. As she was arranging her wares (ice cold lemonade and some cookies) a man, highly agitated, pulled up to her stand, he asked the young woman (who looks about eight years old from the photographs that have been released) if she had a business license?

Rather obviously, she did not and replied to the man, telling him just that. The mysterious stranger was apparently so upset by this fact that he told the little girl that he was calling the police on her and then made a show of pulling out his phone. Apparently he pretended as if he were actually talking to some police officers (whether the man actually called the police or was merely pretending is unknown as of yet). The young LaRouche girl, obviously confused and terrified ran home to her parents, shaking her head and in tears.

The father of the young woman, a Mr. Richard La Rouche, was furious at the eloper but told his daughter that people will sometimes just try and bring others down for no good reason. He called the police himself to straighten the affair out, according to his own statement, his daughter had just enough cookies and lemonade left for the officers before they left.