Coriant and the Growth Of New Technology

The world today is being impacted by new technologies, many of which are occurring in the field of communications and related services. Coriant was founded in 2013 to create new and innovative ways to plan and manage these systems. The parent company is Merlin Equity and Coriant was designed to be an independent company that would merge with others in order to gain the technology needed.

The company develops and implements both hardware and software solutions for fiber optic networks. On the hardware side products include the hiT 7300 which allows for optimal multiplexing DWDM over fiber optic cables. Another popular product is the hiT 70xx for multi service provisions. Their software includes the TNMS for network management and the Transmit/Transconnect for network planning.

The company came into being in 2013 and by 6, May, 2013 they had managed to separate from the Nokia Siemens Network while under the ownership of Merlin Equity Partners. By Jan.. 2013 Merlin Equity announced its plans to merge with Sycamore. In Dec. 2013 Merlin Equity announced a merger between Coriant and Tellabs, which would then operate under the name Coriant.

Today Coriant works with companies in over 100 countries where they help to introduce new and innovative products that are all related to optical fiber networking. Their customers include 9 of 10 global tier 1 Communication Service Providers (CSP).

Today Shaygan Kheradpir acts as both the CEO and a member of the board for Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir is a well known figure in both the telecommunication and business areas. He earned his Bachelors, Masters and Ph. D at Cornell University. The new CEO has over 28 years of executive experience behind him.

Mr. Kheradpir began his career at the GTE Corporation, where he would be promoted to Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. His next step was to serve at Barclay where he worked as Chief Operations and Technical Officer. While there he took a leadership role in a historical act meant to ready the bank for the 21st century. The project would involve over 50 countries and 150 thousand employees.

His next step was to become CEO of Juniper Networks where he would develop an integrated operating plan and focused executions on the strategic growth markets of Cloud Builders and High IQ networking. Before his role at Coriant, Kheradpir held the position of Operating Partner at Merlin Equity. While there he focused on strategic telecommunications and technological investments.

It seems that Kheradpir is perfect for his new position. He is obviously one of the most innovative men in the business. The value of Coriant and Mr. Kheradpir will be found in the future, but for now it seems a winning combination.

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