Coachella Becomes Beychella

Last year Beyonce was scheduled to appear at Coachella, but the pregnancy that she had with her twins did not allow her to attend. Lady Gaga was the headliner that replaced Beyonce last year. For the return it would be only natural that people would have high expectations again for Beyonce and her performance. People that came to watch her perform were not disappointed at all. She did not let down her fans or the millions of YouTube viewers that were able to see this concert through Coachella Live channels on YouTube.

Beyonce is a star that has managed to cross over into a mainstream crowd that is very difficult for many black artists to do. She has managed to become someone that has gained a great sense of stardom that has continued to grow into a mainstream artist in the decades that she has been performing. All of this made it easier for her to get the crowd pumped at Coachella.

People were expecting something big and something big is what they got. This was a performance with two dozen songs and a host of appearances. Her husband showed up to perform with her. Former group members Destiny’s Child also showed up. There was a guest appearance by her sister Solange as well. All of this was very exciting for the fans, but the thing that people may be talking about the most is the backup band from a historically black college.

After all of this Beyonce also made an announcement that she would be giving $100,000 to historically black colleges and universities. This was to encourage more students to attend these colleges. It shows that she has a lot on her mind. She knows about the position that she holds, and she is well aware of the responsibilities that have been connected to the work that she is doing.

Beyonce has proven herself to be one of the best when it comes to entertaining diverse crowd, and now she wants this diverse group of fans to walk in harmony. She has made a statement that black lives matter, and she has been able to show that she is in a leadership position because she is took charge and made this show her own.