Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics Takes the Front Seat in Cancer Research and Treatment

Clay Siegall sits as the President, CEO, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company concerned with creating and disseminating innovative and effective monoclonal antibody-based therapies trained towards the treatment of cancer. To add to his present work portfolio, he currently sits on the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. He previously worked with the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Institutes of Health.
Clay Siegall graduated from the revered George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics and the University of Maryland with a B.S in Zoology. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are working around the clock to develop innovative and improved options for cancer treatment. At Seattle Genetics, the leadership comprehends that cancer if different and needs particularly targeted drugs and treatment alternatives customized to every patient’s disease for higher chances of treatment success.
Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics center on creating the newest and ground-breaking monoclonal antibody treatment alternatives for genetics. The company has recognized that antibodies are part and parcel of the immune system that assists to recollect infections patients have witnessed before. These antibodies discover and embed themselves on different foreign intruders and targets. The moment they are bound, they alert the white blood cells to consume and devastate these risky invaders. Seattle Genetics utilizes these antibodies to embed in cancer cells and infections and enabling the immune system to zero in and devastate the cancer cells. As opposed to other forms of treatment options that typically radiate the cancer area and destroy everything in its path, including the white blood cells, these innovative monoclonal antibody treatments specifically target cancer cells in a patient’s body without interfering with the important cells.
Clay Siegall injects decades of experience and expertise in Seattle Genetics. He pieces together the addition of new and innovative thoughts, managed with an old hand required to enable staff to grow to their fullest capability. Siegall is a respected figure in the biotech world.