Citadel The Financial Powerhouse

Kenneth C. Griffin Founder

Citadel is an international financial organization. It was established by Kenneth C. Griffin on November 1, 1990. Ken Griffin on insidermonkey started working in the trading industry while he was an undergraduate at Harvard University in 1987. Kenneth Griffin graduated in 1989 from Harvard University with an Economics Degree. After graduating, Kenneth Griffin started his career with the Chicago, Illinois Hedge Fund company named Glenwood Partners, under the leadership of his mentor, Frank Meyer. In 1990 with the guidance of Frank Meyer, the Citadel was founded by Ken Griffin.

The Company

Citadel business started out with $4.6 million in funds. The Citadel was first named after a major fund account called Wellington Financial Group before changing its name in 1994 to Citadel. Currently, more than 1,400 people from multiple locations are employed with the Citadel. The main headquarters is at 131 South Dearborn Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Today Citadel’s various regions consist of locations in Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, Greenwich, Connecticut, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Hong Kong, Toronto, and London.

Citadel oversees investments for quite a few of the world’s major institutional investors, which include sovereign wealth funds, retirement benefits, and university endowments.


The corporation manages two principal businesses, Citadel, and Citadel Securities.

Citadel is the most recognized option asset administrators. The Citadel has a high standing as the eleventh key Hedge Fund administrator in the world and the second largest multiple strategy Hedge Fund all over the world.

Citadel handles capital throughout several unique investment approaches, including equities, commodities, fixed earnings, quantitative techniques, and credits. The organization is recognized for its contemporary technologies, fundamental analysis, and powerful risk managing customs.

Citadel Securities

Citadel Securities was established in 2002 and is a principal market producer, delivering assets and business overall performance to retail and institutional clientele. Barron’s recently scored Citadel Securities at number one in delivering price progress for investors.

Citadel Securities is presently a major market producer in options within the United States, accomplishing about 20 percent of the United States detailed money solutions quantity levels.

In 2014, Citadel Securities broadened its trading strategies offering interest rates for trades, which is considered to be one of the most ordinary exchanged types.


In 2014, Barron’s scored Citadel at number eighteen on its list of Top one hundred Hedge Funds.

In 2015, the People’s Pick honor was presented to Citadel for being one of the top twenty ratings in the Financial Expert Services.

In 2015, Citadel was scored by Great Places to Work within the top ten companies, this was primarily based on reviews that were furnished by the workforce.

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