Choosing the Right Charitable Organization and Andrew Rolfe’s Role

Choosing a charitable organization to donate money to can be a challenging experience. Since there are quite a few great organizations available today, people can pick and choose the ones that will fit their needs and preferences best. Fortunately, there are some charities that stand out higher among others, and they can be very effective in helping the people that they target first.

That being said, there is one organization that does a great job in helping children to achieve their goals, including aiding them in moving out of impoverished situations. One in specific is commonly known as the Unbuntu Education Fund. Unbuntu Education function is not only operated by an organization that is concerned about making a direct difference in the lives of the children that they sponsor, they have a very unique and distinct charity model that they follow. Therefore, when a member of their board of director’s like Andrew Rolfe gets involved with the funding activities, Andrew Rolfe and others can focus closely on placing the funds that they receive in the hands of those that need it. From providing students with the finances to address health concerns and problems to making sure the student has the funds needed to take care of their education, this organization can help to meet specific needs and concerns for the children that they support.

With this model, Andrew Rolfe may work with a donor to pay for specific expenses for young people in a community that has a variety of needs. So, the financial support that the organization receives cannot be pre-determined by the donor, unless it falls within the parameters of the organizations present guidelines. If a problem does exist on the front end, it must be handled by Andrew Rolfe and the organization prior to the donation being transferred and accepted. Meaning any funding that is transferred to the account of Ubuntu will need to be discussed before the donation is made. Thankfully, a lot of the donors who give to this organization can agree on what happens to the finances that the give so it makes it easy for everyone to give freely.